Moving Day, First Night, & Bob!

Well yesterday was moving day!  We survived our first night in our new home in the country.  Not much to blog about yet.  The only work we have done so far is on the house itself.  We had new carpet and the entire inside painted.  If you are in the central/eastern part of Texas and need a good contractor I can give you the guy we used.  

Like I had mentioned yesterday was moving day.  The entire month of May we took many trips from McGregor/Waco up here.  While here we would be visited several times by two dogs.  They looked like Great Pyrenees but not 100% sure.  Very friendly dogs.  Very starved for attention as well as food.  I talked to the neighbor and he had mentioned that a while back a few miles down the road someone had put a small trailer on their land and brought these two dogs down with them but have  never come back.  Basically they’re strays and from what I understand a few of our neighbors do feed them once in awhile.  Yesterday only one came up to us so I’m not sure where the other one is.  My worry is that our existing dog would not get along with this dog so last night I let our dog out and they got along very well.  We are thinking about bringing this dog in full time as our own.

I started calling this dog Bob.  My wife calls him Bones because he is white as a bone and you can see his bones he is so skinny.

So moving day was a success our first night at her new home was this success.  So we are looking forward to many many many nights at our new home in years of fun and excitement as we start our new adventure.

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