Cats and Dogs!

Nothing much has happened since we moved in a few weeks ago.  Mainly because I have had to travel to Redmond, Washington and Tampa, Florida for work.  This has been my first full week at home in a while.  So most of the things we have done around our new homestead have been standard cleanup and unpack and get organized.

We do have a new member of the family.  A little ball of fur called Charlie. I had brought her home specifically to become a barn cat but I think my wife has plans to keep her closer to the house now.  The amazing thing is both our dogs get along with her and our boys really love her.  (Just stating I still don’t care for cats.  Kittens are one things, cats… oh man!)


We also decided to keep the stray that sort of adopted us.  Her name is now Josie and no longer calling her the Big White Dog.  Then we have our dog, Bear the dog.



Like i had mentioned there isn’t much more that I have been able to do.  My primary focus is just managing the grass around the house for now.  So far this June we have had almost 5 inches of rain and we are not even half way through the month.  I have heard we are approaching the dry season here so things will stop growing as fast as they do.

Will close this short blog post out with various pictures of our barn and family.  Why not?

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