When mother is away, daddy does….

My wife recently traveled back to Phoenix with 2 of our sons for the weekend.  While she was away I decided to do something on a whim without really thinking ahead to far into the future.  So, she came back to this….


Yes, I did.  We now have 3 Jersey Bull calves that need bottle feed 2 times a day.  The small details that I wasn’t really worried about when I sometimes do things around the Homestead.  However, we now have our first heard of cattle that will help me keep our pastures grass down and save us a few hundred dollars not having to mow.  It all works out in the end.  Not to mention that in 18 to 24 months we will have plenty of meat in the freezer.

Our boys love them… I joke and say they love them now but just wait till daddy pulls off a tasty steak off the grill how much they will love them even more!  🙂

A boy, his dog and three bulls…  I think  that can be a good title to a good country song?


Josie our adopted dog even loves sleeping with them now.  Or she just loves the straw?  Not too sure but these calves are now part of her pack and her responsibility to protect them as well.


The funny thing about this adventure is watching my boys and just enjoying there expressions and reactions to everything.  I put out the first of many salt licks for our calves. My boys have never seen one of these and asked me what they are.  I told them, it was a salt lick, the calves will like it to get salt.  They asked if it was salty and I said yes.  Then asked if they could lick it.  My reaction.  Sure why not.  🙂


So at the end of the day our adventure now includes 3 new Jersey Bull calves that in the next few weeks will become steers…  oh poor bulls…  going to lose your….

Until next time!

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