Shelves to Nesting Boxes

With our chickens slowly approaching the ripe young age of egg layers I needed to come up with more nesting boxes than the 2 that where already in the roost/coop when we moved in.  I didn’t really feel like buying anything at any of the feed stores nearby.  To be honest, paying 10 or 15 bucks a nesting box is a little too expensive for us right now.  We had some old shelves sitting on our porch for some time now from the previous owners that we had no plans to use again. So today I took those shelves and created what I call the Motel 6 of chicken nesting boxes.  Like I said, these are not the Hilton but at least they are or hopefully will be functional when my ladies start laying eggs.

Pretty easy job even for a non carpenter like myself.  Below is a picture of one of the shelves.  Alone these are not deep enough so I was going to cut them and stack them on top of each other.


Like I said before, these are not the Hilton of nesting boxes for our chickens.  Just wanted something cheap and functional, so we got the Motel 6 edition below.  I am thinking of adding a bottom to these using chicken wire or something so I can hang them off the ground if needed.



I have a few chickens left out of our first round that haven’t died due to various reasons….  these hens have full range of of the barn, and any pasture at this time.  I have them separated from my other chicks at this time, so I left one here in the barn where they normally find a spot at night anyway.  I am thinking a bottom would work well and then hung above from that 2×4?


These shelves made a total of 4 boxes with 2 nesting boxes within.  The nesting boxes themselves are big enough for 2 chickens if needed.  So hopefully I will have enough spaces for all my ladies coming this fall when they get old enough to start producing eggs and the heat dies down a bit.

Not a bad job I have to say without having to break the bank?  Now, let’s hope these work!

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