What? She was pregnant!

A lot has happened on our little homestead since the last time I blogged. Again, my primary job seems to suck up most my time, darn work! I think the last blog I wrote was about me bringing home 3 Jersey Bull calves. That was nearly 2 months ago! How time flies when you are busy. Anyway, the three calves are doing well. In fact, today was their last bottle feeding. Poor Big Red, he isn’t going to like that. He could eat!!!! Anyway, they have plenty of grass in the pastures, hay on the way, and they still get their calf starter gain for a while. What they don’t know is they have a trip here soon that on the way there they will have balls, on the way back not so much. 😉

So, remember our white dog that adopted us when we moved in? Well, about a month and a half ago she supposed us by getting really fat really fast! Well, a few short weeks later she was a mamma to three healthy little pups. She lost one during birth. 😦

So, if you want a Thanksgiving puppy….. we have 3!

We don’t know for sure who the daddy is but we have our suspicions. There are two male Weimaraner dogs down the road. We think one of them did the deed.

Poor mamma!

Well, that is my update for now.

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