Our Story

Hello and welcome to our new adventure.  We are the Turners, I am the dad, my wife, and our three young boys.  A year ago if you would have asked me if we would be living on almost 14 acres of land in Central Texas I would have told you that sounded nice but wasn’t even a close reality.   On September 13th, 2016 I was stuck once again in bumper to bumper traffic on a hot highway in Phoenix driving home from work.  I remember posting the following post on Facebook,

“With every hour I am stuck on the highway in my truck driving to work makes the urge to move back to the country stronger!”

Just a little over a month later….


Two weeks later my wife and I took a trip to Waco, Texas looking for a rental home and planning our move to Texas. On December 3rd we started the long 2 day drive across Arizona, New Mexico, and half of Texas with 3 young boys and a dog.  December 6th, we became Texans and our new adventure started to become real.

Less than 6 months later we found what we will soon call our new home located just south of Kerens, Texas.  Almost 14 acres of beautiful Central Texas land that will slowly become our new homestead.

Our Adventure

And this is our continuing story and adventure we would like to share with you…..



Our Family



Hello, like I said above I am the Dad.  I myself had some experience growing up in the country and for years have had the country calling me back.  My wife grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and moved to Phoenix after college.  Our boys, only saw outside the suburbs on small family vacations but never really had a chance to experience what country life was about. The decision to move to Texas had many factors.  One, we wanted out of the big city, we wanted a life our boys could grow up knowing hard work, and we wanted to move to a more self sustainable lifestyle.  My wife was already starting to change the way we looked at food.  She started to mill her own wheat berries and back healthy bread fresh.  We even started to buy raw milk for the cream and other benefits but that was getting highly expensive with three fast growing boys that loved drinking milk.  We already home schooled our oldest boy, and have had plans to continue homeschooling all three.  So we started the process of getting out of the “normal” lifestyle sooner which should help with our transition into our new lifestyle.  A lifestyle without cell phones in all three boys hands, without XBox One and PlayStation, without constantly staring at the TV to watch yet another show that degrades our beliefs and world views.  A new life where our boys can be boys which will allow them to grow into men.

The one thing that we will need to get used to is the fact that the closet grocery store is 30 minutes away, that we will have new experiences with critters and things like slither.  Being in Texas brings new experiences my wife and boys have never had such as Texas thunder storms.  Which have already and will bring more twisting things out of the sky.  The experience of raising our own food, and the experience of killing our own food.  This is a new life for my family.  A life that we already are loving.  A life with no road construction, no traffic jams, no smog, but with all the expectations of real life!


This is one of my favorite photos I took shortly after we moved to Texas.  I am excited to see over the years my boys boots getting bigger and bigger as they go from small children to strong men.